5 Quick Tips On Building Trust For Your Website

When you’re just starting out your website and you’re doing a great job developing a product or service to offer your users, do not forget that crafting high-quality sales copy is not adequate enough to convert site visitors into customers. Your initial challenge is always to build trust and confidence for your product and services. Should your users not trust you; they will decide not to purchase from you regardless of whether your offer is actually really good.

I had a guy pull up next to my car with his van and ask me a question, “Do you want to buy this stereo for a $100.” Now in theory that’s a great offer because that stereo cost more that $500 but would you buy it? Most likely you won’t even consider buying it. Other than it being a moral issue for most of us there is also the trust factor. There is no trust or confidence associated with this seller.

So, here are 5 quick tips on building trust for the services and products you are offering.

1. Don’t be anonymous. If you assume that not providing your name, email address, phone number, pictures, or any other source of information relating to who you are, chances are the users wont trust you. The site visitors will start questioning the credibility of your business and lose trust in your site.

Website Credibility

If you are an honest business and looking to get customers you need to provide all the appropriate contact details for the users to connect with you. People like to know whom they are doing business with.

2. Get a Professional Designer. Design with the intention of giving your customers the right experience on your site. If your site looks like its been done by an amateur and has sloppy design you can kiss your customers goodbye!

Website Color

Ask around, do your research and find a designer with website usability experience and know-how that knows what you need to be successful in converting your visitors to customers.

3. Personal Stories/Testimonials. Personal stories aren’t suitable to every business, however when implemented, users are able to establish an instantaneous connection with other website visitors. Stories take away the uncertainty visitors had by simply reassuring customers you happen to be a real person/legitimate business, not a con man attempting to take their money.

Website testimonial

Show your customers that the testimonials are from real people who have either purchased or have used your services in the past. Again, you should offer the names and links to their website so that they can confirm it for themselves.

4. Case Studies. A very effective way of building trustworthiness and credibility on your website is to share detailed case analyses of some of your biggest client success stories. These case studies should have supporting evidence and statistics.

Case Studies

Show how your company made a positive improvement in strengthening the client’s challenges. Include several case reports to demonstrate the extensiveness of your company’s knowledge, should you serve multiple industries, present a variety of case studies for each industry.

5. Relevant/Up-to-Date Content. One thing that your visitors won’t trust is a dead site and one that is not being constantly updated with new content and up-to-date news/blogs. Updating your site every day or at least a few times a week shows that your website is alive adding value. When you are able share your industry knowledge and experience you then become an authority in your specific niche market.

Add in the fact that this will greatly improve your website rankings with proper content optimization for those specific pages and you got yourself a trustworthy website.

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