Better Call To Action, And Conversion Tracking

Online marketing was pretty simple back in the day (actually as late as 10 years a go to be honest). You have an idea, a budget and a product or service. Then what you do is get someone to create the site and you simply launched.

Today, the game has changed unbelievably. There are countless tests by larger companies (and even smaller ones) that show what they’ve done to improve lead generation. And we take those findings and fine-tune them for own purpose.

How To Track Conversions In Google Analytics

Were going to cover how to track conversions in Google Analytics as well as what copy to use for your call to action on a landing page. What you want to do first is set up Google Analytics and have your landing page with a call to action that goes to a page where the user converts into a lead (I will go over what to user for your call to action button later on). Here are the steps I take to track leads with GA:

  1. Login to Google Analytics (
  2. Google Analytics Login

  3. Select the website you want track conversions for
  4. Google Analytics Account

  5. Click “Admin” on the top right in the orange tab
  6. Admin Panel Google Analytics

  7. Click on “Goals” while “Profiles” is selected
  8. Goals For Google Analytics

  9. Now click on “+ Goal
  10. Name your goal and set the radio button to “URL Destination
  11. (You can also track downloads through “Event” tracking but I will go over that another day)

  12. Now insert your “Goal URL”, which is the destination page you consider to be where a user turns into a lead.
  13. Get as detail as you like through Funnels
  14. And finally Save your goal
  15. Google Analytics Goal Setup

  16. 10.  Now when you go back to “Standard Reporting” and click on “Conversions”, your leads will be tracked

This is a very powerful tool because your goal will even be considered for example the type of keywords users used when they turned into a lead and so on. Make sure you check “Goal Flow” to find out where users came from when they converted (amazing tool at best). Also, don’t be alarmed when goals aren’t tracked immediately, because it can take some time to populate.

Take a look at how MailChimp uses CTA’s and try to see how they track conversions by going through the site:

Mail Chimp

What To Call Your Call To Action For Better Conversions #’s

We’ve seen those links and buttons that say “click here” and I must say that anything linked to “click here” loses me right away. You want to go for clarity and a better sense of what happens next after something is clicked. Best examples would be using trigger words. For example if you are offering a free trial for a download use “Download Free Trial”. Another example would be if you want a user to sign up, simply use “Sign Up For X” and see how much of a difference it makes when you’re clear. Here is a list of call to action copy to avoid:

  • Click here– Makes no sense to me. Click here for what?
  • Maybe you want users to download something so use “Download X Here” instead
  • Read More– What are you trying to get me to read?
  • More on web design perhaps?
  • Submit– Submit to where? Try something much more clear and concise
  • Sign Up For Newsletter sounds better doesn’t it? Or email us?

Try adding benefits if you are offering a paid service in your call to action. This way users see a sense of urgency when they are on your landing page. Don’t rush them because that’s something that might convey cheap and desperate. Give them a reason why you are the best. Here is an example from SEOMoz:



Knowing your call to action buttons or links on a page is crucial. Knowing how to track and reforming your efforts is even more important. Just make sure you:

  • Use trigger words
  • Are clear
  • Use a sense of urgency
  • Have benefits to support your CTA

The clearer you are, the better and higher conversion numbers you can expect. With proper research and planning, you can bet you’ll have more leads.

These are just a few examples we at New Media Sources use for our clients. You can be sure we will make every effort for success, based on the business were working with.

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Puya Turkiyan – SEO & Online Marketing Expert

is a well-established online marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. He has primarily focused on how revenue can be increased through better visibility on search engines. His true passion is to use analytical data for digital acquisition. Follow him on Twitter @PuyaTurkiyan

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