4 simple ways to create a strong company culture that works

“Culture is everything. Culture and your people trump marketing, sales and everything else.” -Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author and marketer Your company culture is the way your team interacts with one another and clients.  A company’s culture matches the company’s existing vision for the company, which is why your company’s office culture is [...]

LSI-SEO-Content: Occupy TOP position and increase conversion

LSI-content combines two things that SEO-experts often find contradicting: content for people and SEO content. In other words, LSI-content is useful both for people and search engines. And although it was being discussed about 10 years ago, not everyone benefits still from the advantages of LSI-content. In this article we will discuss the following questions:

  • What is LSI and how is this perceived by search engines;
  • How to choose LSI keywords;
  • The basic rules of writing LSI-articles;
  • Effectiveness of LSI-content; assessing the results from an experiment.