The 6 Most Important Things To Include On Your Landing Page

Don’t believe anyone who tells you copy isn’t important. That person (obviously) knows nothing about the art of conversion because great writing is everything. Your content carries your landing page by explaining, persuading and most importantly, gaining the visitor’s trust enough to finally click the CTA button. Sadly, many landing pages fail because they’re missing […]

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LSI-SEO-Content: Occupy TOP position and increase conversion

LSI-content combines two things that SEO-experts often find contradicting: content for people and SEO content. In other words, LSI-content is useful both for people and search engines. And although it was being discussed about 10 years ago, not everyone benefits still from the advantages of LSI-content. In this article we will discuss the following questions: […]

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What Does Google Want SEO To Look Like In 2015?

Pro tip: Start online marketing campaigns with the fundamentals listed in Googles SEO Starter Guide. SEO & SEM Changes That Will Impact Small Businesses Digital Marketing Campaigns Whether you’re a small business owner new to SEO, SEM, and other forms of digital marketing or a seasoned veteran we are all trying to answer the same question. “What will [...] Read More