Google Webmaster Tools (Part 2)

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All right, were now going to look at how healthy a site is through Google’s eyes. This is a place to check often since Google will delist your site or page if you have too many crawl errors or Malware that might be dangerous to another users computer or experience. Some of us simply only care about how many impressions we have, or how many clicks we have gotten on a certain keyword. And some of us just check how many backlinks Google has tracked coming to our sites. Google Webmaster Tools offers a variety of ways to check everything on your site. Just remember, Google has 100’s of factors it considers before ranking your site or page for a particular keyword. So making sure everything is up to par is just as important as checking your keyword stats.

Crawl Errors

This section will give you server side information on your site. For example if you’ve redesigned a site and haven’t forwarded corresponding pages to its correct location, this would be a place to check.

Google webmaster tools crawl errors

As you can see, I’ve got a few 404’s and pages not found by Google. I’ll have to dig in and correct these when I can. There is no way you can run away from this. It will happen regardless of an SEO being organized. Make sure you check this section at least once a week and correct any issues.

Crawl Stats

Your crawl stats will show how many times:

  • Pages were crawled per day
  • Kilobytes downloaded per day
  • Time spent downloading a page

Google webmaster tools crawl stats

If you’re creating good content and its being shared across many sites, you can expect higher numbers. In my case pages crawled per day is low. I am going to be working with friends in the online marketing community to create good content and post it on my site. With a time and hard work I look to raise this number to at least 500 by the end of the year.

Blocked URLs

In this section you can block Google and other search engines by telling them to bug off. By writing your robots.txt file in your root folder you can tell all search engines what to do.

If you want to tell search engines not to index your site you can block them. This is ideal when you’re building a new site and don’t want it indexed yet. Some webmasters want to keep their site private for a select few. I’ve seen this happen in university. In our case our web-marketing instructor would have a site just for our class.

Fetch As Google

Do you want to see your code just like Google crawlers do? Well, this is where you can not only put your URL but also submit it to Google’s index. You can either submit the page itself or submit the page with all URLS linked as well.

Obviously there are no guarantees but it’s a start and a quick one at best. Don’t forget to submit your link to Bing as well. They have a similar structure.

Google webmaster tools fetch as google

Index Status

You want to find out how many of your pages are indexed? This is also another important section to see if Google is indexing your pages. From the graph below you can see that I am growing my indexed pages:

Google webmaster tools index status

Make sure you click on “Advanced” to get full details on indexation.


And finally we have malware. If you have any malware on your site, this is the place to check. Google sends out emails if something suspicious is happening with your site. This is another great feature from Google Webmaster Tools.

There You Have It

This is the second part (four parts all together) of my article marathon. Stay tuned, the others are coming up!

part 1, part 2, part 3

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