Google Webmaster Tools (Part 3)

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We all want traffic to our site. We all want more of it don’t we? Well, I actually like checking this area for my traffic numbers more then my Google Analytics traffic numbers. Reasons being is that when you look at keywords your showing up for but not getting clicks on, you make an initiative to start improving for those keywords. In this section of Google Webmaster Tools you can also see where you’re being linked. As much as the +1 Google feature not being popular, you still have to take this option Google is offering seriously. You can also track it in the traffic section of your Webmaster tools dashboard.

traffic google webmaster tool

Search Queries

The search queries tab is honestly my most favorite place to check on Google Webmaster tools. Reason being is that I get an insight of what my site showed up for. And I can even filter it down to:

  1. Search
    1. Image
    2. Mobile / mobile Smartphone
    3. Video
    4. Web
  2. Location
  3. Traffic
    1. All queries
    2. Queries with 10+ impressions/clicks

Webmaster Tools - Search Queries

You can also find out which pages are out performing all other pages. You can then determine what your best strategy will be to improve these pages.

Links To Your Site

This is probably the most important section by Google’s standard. Obviously there are several hundred factors Google takes into consideration when they rank your site. However, the links you acquire will probably be in the top three most important elements Google will consider when it comes to SERP (search engine results page).

Webmaster Tools - Links to Your Site

Lets say you click on “More” for “Who Links The Most”. You can actually find:

  1. The link/links they used to link to you
  2. The page your link is placed on

+1 Reports

Since Google+ is the social platform Google uses, you get an in depth view of which one of your pages/posts are most popular. I would probably pay very close attention to this. Were probably going to see this as a major ranking factor (it actually is right now but I think it will weigh more on rankings in less then 2 years).

Webmaster Tools - Search Impact

You can monitor:

  • Search impact
  • Activity
  • Audience

Each one will give you an idea of what users are doing with that fancy +1 share button.

That’ll Be All Folks

As much as I would love to dive in deeper, I think you can mess around and find out the details. If you’re a SEO and in need of knowledge quick, shoot me an email and I would be more then happy to help. But if you have time, have fun and enjoy this amazing free tool.

part 1, part 2, part 3

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