Great Examples Of Wireframes For Web Design

You searched for it, I’ll provide it. Recently I noticed a good amount of traffic coming to my site searching for “wireframe examples” or “website wireframe examples”. To put it lightly, wireframing is probably one your top 3 priorities when it comes to web design. I know this because I’ve had so much trouble with sites that have not been wireframed. Some overlook it because it takes a lot of time. Some take it very seriously and actually take more time on it than the actual design stage (very smart).

Information Architecture

What is information architecture you ask? In my mind, it’s putting the right information in the right place for people/users to find easily. The whole idea behind information architecture is to make it easy for your users to get what they want as fast and efficiently as possible. Can you imagine skipping this part of web design and going right to design? I sure as hell can’t.


Initially, I thought I could take any project on. In a lot of cases, I had a designer pushing work without knowing what went where. I tried to get the ball rolling for wireframes in the first two months of my first job. The president claiming they didn’t have time for this stuff harshly put me down.

What happen next you ask? I ended up changing global/local navigation items after the design was developed. We had rogue pages that had no connection anywhere on the site. The <h1> tag was being used for the logo and not an actual header. Usability was dismal on most, if not all sites published.

How did this all relate to me you ask. Well, for one, the pages being ranked for keywords didn’t yield any conversions. I was clearly ranking these sites for what they wanted, but the site itself didn’t deserve to be ranked at all. This is why I’ve taken the hat of IA, CRO and SEO specialist at New Media Sources. There is no way an SEO can be just an SEO. They now have to specialize and study conversion rate optimization as well.

The Good Stuff

Wireframe Example 1

Put wireframe example-1

A lot of folks sketch their design with good old paper and pen. I honestly prefer starting like this as well. I think not looking at a screen is essential sometimes. Even when taking notes I’d rather handwrite and then hit the computer with a final copy.

Wireframe Example #2

Wireframe Example 2

A bigger example with CNN. You can just imagine how much work went into wireframing this site.

Wireframe Example #3

And finally, we have a wireframe I just whipped up for my own site (which is coming soon by the way). You should see the details I went into on the other pages. To be honest, it feels like a never-ending process. I am in the process of working with a copywriter from Vancouver, designer from Czech Republic and a sales expert from Bellingham Washington to get the perfect site going. I am sure you’ll all love it.

Share Your Wireframes

If you have wireframes you would like to share, send them over. I would love to put them up. Or simply share a link in the comment section for everyone to see.

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