Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is something we’re experimenting with constantly and studying vigorously to perfect. With great copy writing and aesthetically beautiful web pages, we plan to increase the number of times your website converts a user into a regular customer/client.

Here’s what we’ll test to boost the number of times a user turns into a customer or a client:

  1. The content presented on the most important pages you’re marketing
  2. The value or benefit we can present to the user
  3. The type of design and content to use on a button to create a sense of urgency
  4. Trimming unnecessary content

The whole idea is to generate more leads, which really means we’ll turn your main pages into something that actually converts people into customers/clients.

It’s a science really, and by tapping into the psyche of a user we can create a better website built for conversion.

CRO is the art of turning all of your main pages people land on into mean lead generation machines

How It Works

Generally, you’ll have several variations of a page. What we’ll do is actually test these pages against each other and perfect as we go along. In some cases, we’ll test one page and change it until we see real improvements. We’ll gather data and use it to increase revenue with each campaign.

The average website converts users at a rate of 1.5%-3%. What we want to do is double or triple these numbers.