Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can pinpoint and strategize to better effect. We’re certified in Google Analytics and can help you craft your A/B testing and goal/funnels along side tracking them in real time.

With Google Analytics you can track everything including:

  • Where your users are coming from
  • What keywords they used to get there
  • How long they’re spending on your site
  • Your most popular content, and much, much more

Once you have clear goals, you can track and reform your efforts to maximize efficiency.

If you sign up for our search engine optimization, we’ll walk you through Google Analytics. New Media Sources tracks and organizes reports every month to be sent out. Phone calls are made periodically to report your site’s achievements.

More On Google

You can’t simply build and hope for the best. If any business wants to succeed online, it needs to be pro-active about its website. At New Media Sources we’ll   continue to supplement content launches with smaller supporting content launches for better outreach. Your entire link-building strategy will be measured and recorded in weekly reports to monitor your site’s growth and success..

Our web marketing strategy for off-site optimization is not just aimed at getting links and better keyword placement on SERPs. We want to create a better website with scalability and the end user in mind.