Inbound Marketing

At New Media Sources, we’ll help your company reach new levels on the web. Our Internet marketing strategy is tested and proven with the help of various companies that publish their findings. Together we’ll plan and implement strategic marketing tactics at an affordable price . An inbound marketing campaign can be:

  • Event promotion
  • Product promotion
  • New product placement
  • Brand awareness
  • Contests and more

More than half of marketers increased their inbound marketing budget in 2011.

A/B/C/D/E… Split Testing

We’re making a bold move by including A/B testing with every agreement. This means all our clients get custom tailored landing pages at a fraction of the price the big agencies charge. We’ll create two landing pages with different marketing strategies and see which one out-performs the other. Once we come to a conclusion, you’ll see amazing conversion rates all around.

Lead Generation

It’s important to do your due diligence with inbound marketing to ensure goals are being met. For example, for a product promotion we will likely suggest:

  • A/B testing (testing various promotional landing pages and a specific message to find the best response rate)
  • Adwords campaigns to test your landing pages
  • Reputation management through social media
  • Conversion and lead generation tactics
  • PR (public relations) control, awareness and advertisement on the web
  • Behavioural marketing in terms of design, colour and psychology depending on demographics