Landing Page Design

Take your business to the next level with custom designed landing pages

Landing Page Definition: A page with a targeted message that focuses on one specific product or service. A landing page is created with the goal of increasing visitor conversion by providing unique copy and user-friendly design.

When digital marketing is done right, your business will see an immediate jump in sales. You can’t afford to get it wrong. We’ll take your business and make sure it’s built to sell online with data driven landing pages.

What you can expect from your new landing page(s):

  1. Significant increase in conversion
  2. Better, more qualified traffic to your business
  3. A substantial increase in revenue


“So happy with this team! New Media Sources is always quick to communicate and their quality of work plays heavily in the building of our individual footprint. These things are only part of the reason our relationship was quick to turn into, what we feel is a great partnership. The team provides clean and easy reporting demonstrating the great successes we’ve seen since they’ve come on board. Because of this, and the trust and credibility built, we have more time to focus on other key areas of the Resort.”

– Brannigan Boyd, Director of Sales, Penticton Lakeside Resort

We build to increase revenue (All the rest comes after)

At New Media Sources, we don’t just focus on design. Design won’t increase your profits. We find concise copy is just as important. Good copy will not only increase your number of leads, but also convert more visits into dollars.

You’ll work with expert copywriters, user experience designers, and digital strategists to analyze and perfect each and every landing page.

How will we increase your profits?

The goal is not to design and write copy for what we or you think will work. We’ll research your target demographic with a scientific approach. You’ll get a beautiful landing page meant to get visitors to take action.

Everything we put on your landing page is meticulously planned and tested for the highest possible output.

Here are some examples of our work


A step-by-step process of how we build landing pages

Our philosophy is never to guess anything on a landing page. Based on our data and careful execution you’ll get the best landing page in your industry. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Study your business and value proposition
  2. Study and research your target audience
  3. Write amazing copy that empathizes with your visitors
  4. Wireframe the layout of your landing page
  5. Design an amazing landing page
  6. Guide visitors into taking a specific action
  7. Reduce fear with credibility and human factors
  8. Launch the landing page
  9. Test at 2-3 month intervals

Why you should hire us

We don’t charge by the hour, we work by the project. Most agencies like to charge by the hour. This concept is counterproductive. When there is an hourly rate, an agency will focus on time rather than the actual work.

We operate by the project. Once everything is clear, you’ll know your budget from start to finish

And because we charge based on a project to project basis, we can create a much more successful campaign.

  • You’ll never have to worry about us going over budget
  • Because we focus on one project at a time, we will take our time to ensure the utmost quality in our work
  • Your costs are fixed
  • We won’t count seconds in meetings. You’ll have unlimited access to our team.

Who we work with

All businesses are not built the same. Because of this, we only work with medium to large sized businesses. Most of our clients are successful and want to take their organization to a new level. We work with businesses that have:

  1. Monthly revenue higher than $30,000
  2. Monthly traffic of at least 10,000 visits/month
  3. Over $300K in annual revenue
  4. Minimum marketing budget of $2000/month

A business that meets the above characteristics will receive priority in our list of clients.

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