Search Engine Optimization

Your website needs to be optimized for search engines to pick up. A website won’t be found without a proper SEO campaign. We can help get your website found by targeting keywords and driving qualified traffic for better ROI (return on investment) and conversion. Anyone can send out thousands of flyers. We target and acquire qualified users who are looking for what you offer.

We focus on “revenue” and not just rankings. Most agencies focus on just rankings and you definitely can’t grow a business on just that alone.

We all know that people use their favourite search engine to find information about a product or service. New Media Sources will help find targeted keyword themes locally or nationally so that your website shows up more for different keywords.

Google, Bing and Yahoo use specific algorithms to rank a website. At New Media Sources, we will make sure that your website meets all requirements to rank well.

46% of daily searches are for info on products and services

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results

What to expect from our SEO efforts

Time and time again we have proven ourselves to our clients with almost all their keywords. By researching proper, highly popular keywords for your website, you’ll see an increase in callbacks and traffic.

Your expectations will be assessed once our research is done. Unlike some agencies that use unethical SEO techniques, we believe that an ethical approach is the best business practice for everyone.

Our SEO services

Keyword Research – Our SEO experts will analyze your website to determine what keywords to use and to drive traffic.

SEO Strategy – Our next step is to assess your top competitors and create a strategy to improve your SEO campaign. With a clear-cut strategy, you’ll know exactly what’s being done and what to expect in the future. All the factors that go into getting better rankings will be implemented with the web developer’s help. We’ll look at everything including your code, content, site speed and more.

Link Building Strategy – Google takes links seriously. We’ll create a link building campaign so that your website is in multiple relevant places on the Internet for better exposure.

Edit & Reform Efforts – We don’t leave your SEO campaign once the initial work is done. We track our efforts and change them according to the results.

Why pay for SEO?

The answer to this is very simple. You want good traffic that will convert into customers. We can help. Your average customer looks on the web for reviews, information and credibility. If you postpone your presence in terms of SEO, you will definitely miss out and have to build credibility when it might be too late. We’ll help you get on search results and convert qualified visitors into regular paying customers.