Social Media Marketing

Also known as reputation management, social media optimization cannot be ignored. Google has taken a front row seat to web 3.0, which is Symantec web. It considers social media for most search results. Search engines also favour websites that are active in the social media realm.

New Media Sources will consider these critical steps to get the word out:

  • Social networking
  • Content strategy/marketing
  • Blogging

Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages in search engines. They also have 97% more inbound links from other websites.

63 % of companies using social media say it has increased marketing effectiveness.

There is also a 236% increase in leads when a company takes an active role in blogging, which means they share and interact with other users through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.

Over 67% of North Americans use social networking. New Media Sources will place your company on social networks. This can be in the form of advertising or a whole campaign. Social networks bring leads and if you don’t jump on this, you’ll be missing out. We’ll create a whole plan on how you can capitalize on what others are missing out on in your field with social media optimization.