User Experience Testing

The only way to understand your customers and clients is to conduct user experience tests. There is no sure way to know what they want, need, and desire without asking them first. This is why we conduct user experience testing before any large campaign.

Once we have our results, we run extensive tests to further optimize each page and see what works best.

We recruit people in your demographic and give them specific tasks to complete on your website. All tests are recorded and presented to the client. Each test can range from 15-45 minutes.

How we plan our user experience testing campaigns

  1. We research your audience by looking into your Google Analytics data, common questions they ask, and behaviour they display while on your website
  2. Our team will interview the client and their team to better understand the ultimate goals and processes on each page
  3. Mouse tracking data will be collected from key pages to understand current visitors
  4. Multiple survey questions targeting your key demographic
  5. Record, analyze, and score sales calls for a better understand of how your team is interacting with each customer

Testing and designing for your demographic

Once we collect all the data we need, we’ll have a clear understanding of how we should build, design, market your products and services to your target demographic.

Our controlled tests will determine where you site is leaking money. We will then change and shape problem pages into exactly what your demographic is looking for.

Reform efforts

Conversion optimization and user behaviour testing is an ongoing process. Each time we test a new hypothesis, we’ll learn something new about your visitors and what keeps them interested. We will reform our efforts based on the data collected for better results.

Our scientific method is proven to increase revenue and conversion on your website because we rely heavily on actual data, not hypothesis.