Web Design

New Media Sources takes all the right procedures to ensure a proper, elegant and professional web design project. We have an award-winning professional design team on standby for every project. All clients will get a strategic business plan for their website before launch. We test each and every website on all browsers, operating systems, and fully optimize them for speed and usability.

Design & Development Process

Here is what you can expect from New Media Sources before starting a web design project:

1. Discovery

We send over a Questionnaire for you to fill out to help us determine and better understand your website users, as well as identify the components necessary to build your ideal website.

Once we understand your potential clients, we can design the site with them in mind to ensure the site works for them.

2. Planning & Analysis

If you have an existing website, we review your existing sitemap and architecture and analyze your content. We also perform competitor analysis at the same time to get a feel for the industry keywords you will want to target.

Our goal is always to build a site with the best Information Architecture possible and the most relevant content to help you rank effectively in searches.

3. Business Strategy

Your website is a large conglomerate of your overall business strategy. Our goal has always been to understand the intended needs and wants of the demographic you’re targeting. Once we understand what your visitors want, our team will come up with a digital business strategy to succeed online.

At New Media Sources, we’ll find out what your objectives are and align them with what your core demographic desires and needs.

4. Wireframing

With the information we’ve received from the first 3 phases, we can now proceed with the next step in the design process.

We create detailed wireframes for each of your websites key pages to ensure ideal content layout and that they lead your visitors to the proper channels of your website. Wireframes are non functioning concept-style skeletons of a website before it’s built. Think of it like a blue print of a house, and our designers are just waiting to start putting together the materials: files and code.

We also create responsive versions so you can see the layout on a tablet and smartphone perspective. (This is extremely important as Google has reduced penalized non-responsive websites in the past).

You’ll receive PDF’s of all wireframes and approve them before we start the design mockups (Mockups are images of the website without dynamic functionality, such as links and user interface, that gives us the idea of how it will look).

5. Design Mockups

Once you approve the wireframes, we breathe life into them — digitally. We recreate the wireframes as full page mockups styled to match your brand. We build the responsive variants at the same tiome so you can see every facet of the site and get a perfect visualization before development begins.

6. Website Development

Once you sign off on the design mockups we begin development.

We build all new websites in our cloud development environment so our clients have access to view / navigate the site from the very beginning. This lets you provide critical feedback earlier on.

7. QA Testing

Although we generally find & fix bugs while developing, we always do a full audit of the website prior to launch to ensure everything is working correctly. We have 2-3 employees provide separate audits to ensure nothing at all was missed.

8. Site Launch & Training

The final step! After you approve the development version and sign off on launching, we flip the switch and viola! Well, it’s actually a little more technical then flipping a switch..

After the site is launched we also offer a complimentary training session, we connect via Phone & Remote Desktop software and give you a detailed lesson on how to navigate the back-end of your site to update it on-the-fly. Don’t worry, editing content is as easy as using Microsoft Word!

We’ll take your web project and nurture it to its fullest potential through proper channels. The end goal is to build a website for the end user and not just for the product or service. We must never forget that building with the user in mind (user-centered design and marketing) is the ultimate goal.

You don’t simply get web design from us; we’ll hand over a variety of strategic marketing tools to maximize conversion rates and lead generation.

Companies come to us because they need an experienced team of designers, developers and marketers to build a strong web presence that will increase both traffic and revenue.

Contact us today to discuss our process for developing a responsive website to capture and nurture qualified leads.