Ungagged Las Vegas 2017

Ungagged Las Vegas 2017

If you hit the digital marketing conference circuit with any regularity you’ve likely attended more than a few where the pitches are stale, face to face meetings are rare and everyone leaves with some nifty handouts and a nagging suspicion they wasted their time. But fear not ye weary digital marketing summit veteran because we have just the event for thee. One that will open your mind, engage your imagination and maybe even teach you a thing or two. It’s called “Ungagged 2017” and it’s scheduled to unfold November 12-15 at the beautiful Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort.

Who or What is “Ungagged”?

While it may sound like the name of an adult film industry gathering “Ungagged 2017” is actually the year’s premier digital marketing summit. It’s founded on the sincere belief that enough is enough already. That you have better things to do with your life than to sit through another vacuous pitch-fest. And that uncensored and unrecorded – i.e. ungagged – speakers make the best speakers since they know their discussion of actual leading-edge techniques is not being live-streamed on Facebook or destined to show up on YouTube an hour after they speak.

As such you’re in for a treat as our Ungagged speakers unload a plethora of astute, ingenious and far-sighted SEO strategies and marketing insights in your direction. You’ll find yourself listening intently instead of sitting there like you do at other conferences wondering things like “What’s up with ‘Peking Duck’?” and “Do aliens suffer male pattern baldness?” The entire Ungagged Las Vegas enterprise is designed to light a fire under your butt and provide you with real, actionable information that you can then use to ramp up your business and help your clients ramp up theirs.

Get Outa Here! Nobody Gives Anything of Value Away at a Conference

Usually that kind of skepticism would be well-founded but in the case of Ungagged Las Vegas 2017 you’ll find it’s misplaced. Our line-up of industry luminaries are going to give you the digital marketing equivalent of a full body massage where they’ll touch on everything, including a few things that might make you just a bit uncomfortable. But not to worry, our speakers have your best interests in mind so they’re not just going to unload a bunch of black hat tactics on you and give you the card for their lawyer. They’re going to provide you things your competition doesn’t have that will help you take your business to the next level; legally.

I’m Still Not Buying It

Okay. Think of it this way. Ungagged Las Vegas 2017 is not a series of lectures, it’s a series of conversations between the attendees and the speakers who, as it turns out, are also listeners. That’s right, as in any great conversation they’ll tell you things that will open your mind a bit and you’ll hopefully return the favour by perhaps opening their eyes to a bit of information or a technique they’d never considered. See how it works?

Free from the onus of video cams, smartphone cams and every other type of recording device being shoved in their face (and bound by the Ungagged secrecy code) these industry dynamos are free to simply engage in an informed back and forth with you, the industry leaders of tomorrow. You walk away from this SEO conference with new ideas and techniques they walk away with a deeper understanding of the industry in general. Everybody wins.

Here are the fundamental guidelines to which all participants in Ungagged Las Vegas adhere:


  • No censorship – You won’t find any tofu turkey at this Thanksgiving banquet. We’re going all out with the good stuff and piling on the gravy. Everything is open for discussion. There are no shady characters sitting behind curtains monitoring what’s being said. It’s a free for all baby! Pass the mashed potatoes!
  • No recording – Our line-up of experts sign on with the understanding that Ungagged is free of recording devices. Because of this our discussions feel more like a group of friends sitting around a table in the University library rather than a news conference where everyone is trying to get a scoop to put on the 6 o’clock news.
  • Human scale – One important factor that helps make Ungagged the best marketing conference around is our speaker to attendee ratio of 1-16. This means you’ll never get lost in the crowd and will always be able to pull one of our speakers aside for a 1 on 1. In fact, we encourage everyone to do just that.
  • Get better – The point of the Ungagged online marketing conference is to make you better at what you do. If you’ve ever been to Art School or know someone who has you’re likely aware that at the end of each semester they have an open critique. The aspiring artist puts his or her work up and people speak their minds about what they see. The artist is then forced to think hard about what they’re doing and why. It can be unnerving yet the end result is typically a better artist. Same here. We’ll make you think.

The Ungagged Line-up

We don’t just get speakers. We get people who shape the industry. The people behind the trends and movements that are influencing what you do whether you’re aware of it or not. This year’s line-up of web marketing wizards is as follows:

Hannah Thorpe/Head of SEO/white.net

Hannah ThorpeWhite.net is an integrated digital marketing agency and Sarah’s job is to work with their clients to create multi-platform campaigns. From initial concept to launch and refinement Hannah has a role in all of it with the ultimate goal of creating innovative campaigns that generate actionable data that can, in turn, be used to drive future results.

Jacob Hagberg/Founder/Orange Fox

Jacob HagbergJacob is a veteran of 3 other Ungagged events and we keep inviting him back because he keeps blowing our minds. He’s a successful SEO service provide who runs one of the largest SEO services on Black Hat World. Jacob has a no-BS way of communicating that our Ungagged attendees find refreshing. He gets to the point because he doesn’t know any other way to do things. He believes the point of the Ungagged digital marketing event is for you to get real value out of the experience. As such he always makes himself available to you.

Joe Sinkwitz/Principal/Digital Heretix

Joe SinkwitzJoe is the kind of SEO pro that attendees seek out. He’s often known as Cygnus or @CygnusSEO but whatever you call him he knows his stuff. Today he’s Principal of the ORM/SEO agency Digital Heretix. He’s also CEO of market influencer SaaS Intellifluence.com.

Joseph Carroll/Director Websites Marketplace – Flippa

Joseph CarrollJoseph Carroll builds, buys and sells websites. He’s been at it for more than 10 years since graduating with a Business degree from Cal State Northridge. What’s the big deal you ask? Well, consider that in those 10 years he’s responsible for more than $15 million in website sales for Flippa and you start to understand the depth of his industry knowledge.

Laura Crimmons/Communications Director/Branded3

Laura CrimmonsLaura has extensive social media and SEO experience. She runs PR, social media, design and front-end dev for Branded3 and has a mountain of experience in both traditional and digital PR. In short, Laura knows campaigns. She is regularly invited to speak at industry events including SAScon, Learn Inbound and BrightonSEO. Her writings are also featured in a variety of industry publications including State of Digital and PRMoment.

Lukasz Zelezny/Head of SEO/uSwitch.com

Lucas SzymanskiuSwitch is a UK based price comparison website with offices in London and Lukasz is head of organic acquisitions for them. He began his career in 2005 and in subsequent years has been responsible for the organic performance of Thomson Reuters, HomeAway, Fleetway Travel and more. Lucasz is invited to speak at as many as 10 or even 20 events every year with his focus usually being on SEO/Social media.

Kaspar Szymanski/Co-Founder/SearchBrothers

Kaspar SzymanskiKaspar is renowned for his Google search expertise and specializes in recovering websites from the search giant’s manual penalties. Where did Kaspar learn to do such things? Why, as a member of Google’s Search Quality team for many years that’s where. He was also the company’s public face when it came to webmaster communications. Few people have more intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Big G than Kaspar.

Samantha Noble/Director of Strategy/Koozai

Samantha NobleSamantha focuses on paid media but is known overall as a digital marketing expert. Last year she placed 6th on PPC Heros “Most Influential PPC Experts” list. Today she is Director of Strategy at UK based digital marketing firm Koozai. She’s also a founding member of Digital Females, a group of like-minded women in digital marketing which has grown to more than 750 members.

Marty Weintraub/Founder/Aimclear®

Marty WeintraubMarty Weintraub is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and digital marketing guru who has put his expertise to work for companies including Uber, eBay, Airbnb, Dell, Firestone, Martha Stewart, Siemens, Macy’s, The Washington Post and many others. Marty has been speaking on the SEO, search and social marketing conference circuit for years and we’re proud to have him for Ungagged 2017. Marty has a unique personality to go with his extensive experience and is often credited with having “it”. Whatever that might be.

Thomas Smale/Co-Founder/FE International

Thomas SmaleThomas is co-founder of FE International where he brokers the sale of established websites. To date he’s completed more than 190 transactions worth millions. FE invests in, owns and manages a slew of websites that register more than 100 million page views per year. This will be Thomas’ first time with Ungagged and we’re lucky to have him.

Tim Ash/CEO/SiteTuners

Time AshTim Ash is often referred to as a “thought leader”, which is a pretty heady term but one that’s well earned. He’s a recognized digital marketing expert as CEO of SiteTuners, a strategic conversion and optimization agency. He’s also author of the bestselling “Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions”

The Many Benefits of Attending Ungagged

Besides an opportunity to break the bank at the casino of your choice the Ungagged Las Vegas marketing conference offers a wealth of other tangible benefits for attendees including:

  • Real actionable information and techniques
  • One day intensive Master-classes worthy of the name
  • A deeper understanding of your industry
  • New and enhanced service to offer your clients
  • Invaluable connections

You’ll emerge from this 3 day SEO conference and digital marketing event better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. You’ll unlock priceless insights into how your industry actually works and the tactics and techniques that separate the leaders from the followers. From link building, content marketing, SEO, analytics and a dozen other things you weren’t anticipating, we’ll cover it all. You’ll also be afforded an opportunity to expand your network in ways that will pay dividends for years to come. No other online marketing conference will do more to enhance your knowledge base and standing within the industry.


We’d be remiss if we didn’t tip our hat to our incredible sponsors. Without them we wouldn’t be much. Sponsors for the Ungagged digital marketing conference 2017 are:


As you might imagine Las Vegas – being a city built by tourism – has perhaps more accommodation options than anywhere else on the planet. These include everything from a $25,000 per night suite at the Palms Casino Resort to $25 per night rooms at the Stratosphere. There are also a plethora of rooms available through Airbnb that tend to be comfy, convenient and affordable although they also tend to fill up fast. So if that’s the way you’d like to go you’d be wise to make your reservation well in advance.

If however, you’d like to be near the Ungagged 2017 action we’d recommend reserving a room now at the Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort which is not only the outstanding conference venue where Ungagged will unfold this year it also happens to be one of the best hotel values in Vegas. You can book here using our dedicated page or use an online booking portal like Expedia.

Tropicana Ungagged 2017

Getting Around

As a city built to accommodate visitors you can be sure there are as many ways to get around Las Vegas as there are casinos and hotels. Here is a helpful list of the usual (and not so usual) suspects when it comes to Las Vegas transportation options:


  • Driving – Duh! If you live in LA or Phoenix you may want to simply drive. It’s a wonderful trek through the desert southwest in November when the scorching sun has been replaced by cool breezes from the north and you can actually enjoy the stark beauty of the desert with your windows down! Once you get to Vegas you’ll find plenty of places to park at this time of year.


  • The Airport Shuttle – If like most attendees of Ungagged you’re flying in for the big event you’ll find the airport shuttle to be perhaps the most economical way to get from McCarran International Airport to your hotel or other accommodation. The shuttle will typically set you back less than $10. Just remember it runs on a set schedule and may not stop at your front door, particularly if you’ve booked a room through Airbnb or another, similar service.


  • Taxis – You know ‘em, you love ‘em. Those omnipresent yellow vehicles that have been feeling the pinch of late from the likes of Uber et al. Regardless of the tremors filtering through the industry the standard yellow cab remains one of the best ways to get around in Las Vegas, especially in November when the traffic has let up and the meter won’t be tick, tick, ticking while you sit in a jam in front of the Bellagio fountains. Keep in mind that most Vegas cabs these days will accept credit cards as well as cash.


  • Uber/Lyft – Cab drivers may hate them but most people are thankful to finally have an option to the taxi monopoly. You’ll find both Uber and Lyft enjoy substantial market penetration in Vegas simply because they’re cheaper than standard cabs. In some cases a lot cheaper. The one exception to that market penetration is McCarran International Airport where the taxi lobby has been able to prevent them from collecting you at the curb outside the terminal. Here’s a handy web page about using Uber in Las Vegas and another one that spells out Lyft fares.


  • Rental Cars – As Las Vegas prides itself on its reputation for being the world capital of fantasy fulfilment it only stands to reason that there’s virtually no type of car you can’t rent in Las Vegas. A Hummer limo? No problem. A Lamborghini? No problem. A ten year old junker with mismatched fenders? From what we understand you can rent one of those too if your heart desires. For normal folks renting normal cars however it will run you in the neighbourhood of $25 to $30 a day (plus fees, taxes of course). It’s a viable and perhaps logical choice especially if you’d like to explore the region before and/or after Ungagged.


  • Limos – What’s more Vegas than tripping down the strip in a stretch, hangin’ out the top with a bottle of bubbly in one hand and a selfie cam in the other? Okay, that’s probably not typical behaviour for most IT types but it’s there if you want it. Prices vary widely depending on the type of limo you want and any additional services you may order with it.


  • The Las Vegas Monorail – The City of the Future lives on in the Las Vegas Monorail. Long a staple of futurists the Monorail in Las Vegas is a reality that travels between Sahara Ave and the MGM Grand with stops at many of the most high profile casino/resorts in the city. The Monorail operates 7 days a week from 7am to midnight on Monday, 7am to 2am Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and 7am to 3am Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A single trip is a very reasonable 5 bucks. Learn more about the Las Vegas Monorail here.


  • Public Transportation – The powers that be in Las Vegas realized that some visitors were going to emerge from all-nighters at the roulette table a bit, let’s say… low on cash, so they instituted a public transit system. That system is composed of a fairly extensive network of buses but it would be asking too much to list every line and fare on this humble page. If you’re interested in learning more about the bus system in Las Vegas check out this page.


  • Walking – During July and August only the foolhardy spend too much time outside in the oven that is the Nevada desert. By November however the mercury dips considerably and walking about in Sin City is actually quite enjoyable. But be prepared: today’s Las Vegas is way bigger than your parent’s Vegas from 30+ years ago.



The weather in Las Vegas is typically lovely in November with temperatures in the 60s and low 70s and virtually no precipitation. It is, in many ways, the perfect time of the year to visit due to the smaller crowds, easier access to restaurants and entertainment venues, more affordable accommodations and warm, dry weather. Many residents of Vegas openly express their preference for this time of year for all the above reasons plus the way the desert sparkles in the late fall.


Tickets for Ungagged Las Vegas 2017 can be obtained through the official website. Prices as follows. Remember it’s always a good idea to purchase your tickets before you hit the casinos in Las Vegas 😉

Super Early Bird

  • Limited Availabilty – $595
  • Sale ends June 22

4+ Super Early Bird

  • Limited Availabilty – $495
  • Sale ends June 22

On Site Admission

  • $1,550 w/$66.45 fee
  • Sale end November 15

What You Get

You can spend $495 on 495 Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers and set yourself on the road to cardiac arrest or you can spend it on a Super Early Bird ticket to the one conference that will make a tangible difference to your company’s future prospects. Keep in mind that your all-inclusive ticket to Ungagged Las Vegas nabs you:

  • 3 days of the most valuable digital marketing conference of 2017.
  • One-on-one conversations with industry movers and shakers.
  • Discounts on accommodation at the Tropicana.
  • Free breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea each day of the 3-day Ungagged conference.
  • As in all you can handle caffeine to keep you alert and give voice to your questions.
  • An invitation to our incredible after party where you’ll have 5 FREE drinks waiting for you at the bar.
  • Let’s not forget free the free Wi-Fi.

Don’t wait. Book your tickets today early and save big. The 4th Ungagged Las Vegas conference is coming. Be a part of the best marketing conference around and help yourself to a more profitable future or stay home and leave the profits to the competition.

Puya Turkiyan – SEO & Online Marketing Expert

is a well-established online marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. He has primarily focused on how revenue can be increased through better visibility on search engines. His true passion is to use analytical data for digital acquisition. Follow him on Twitter @PuyaTurkiyan