Welcome To My Blog Post

Yes, you read it correctly. Welcome to my blog! I have no intention of telling you what this post is about in my header above. I just want to welcome strangers. I really didn’t want to spend the time and think about a good headline to explain what I do or what this page is really about. I just want to welcome you so “WELCOME”.

I think you get everything you need to know in the beginning of landing on this page. We just think by welcoming you, you intend to buy or acquire our services from this website. Now, let’s go over some awesome websites who don’t really tell us what they do but warmly welcome us in.

Welcome to optometrist picture

Because “Welcome to Image Optometry” just makes sense right? I love how they put the city where we’re from. Makes it so much easier for me to understand where I am from and how they represent the city.

Our clinic

This one is great. “Our clinic” really tells me everything I need to know before I read on. “Professional eye care in a friendly environment” really works too. It just had to be at the bottom in this case.

Rube Restaurant Quebec

Restaurant Rube is really cool because even though we don’t know if it’s a grill, a fast food joint or a fancy restaurant from the headline (or even the content below the headline) we’re still enticed to click around aimlessly searching for their product we’re interested in.

Racher Welcome Site

A quote by Winston Churchill and a very nicely placed “Welcome” statement tells us everything we need to know about this website. Just have to read a little bit more to find out what Racher really does.

Enough satire, what should you really do with your headlines

Okay, I don’t think I can pretend any longer. Just wanted to rant and explain to regular good old businesses that a good headline is essential to your website succeeding. What a user like myself really wants from your website:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What makes you better
  • How can you make my life easier

Answer these questions on your homepage and your conversion rate will shoot up guaranteed.

Let’s try to quickly go over some of the headlines with welcome messages and try to at least come up with something that makes sense.

Welcome to my blog post – We see this a lot. Welcome to bob’s mechanic shop or welcome to Cindy’s medical spa. With this blog post I would try something like “how to triple your Pageviews with a better headline” or “why your headline can make or break a webpage”.

Welcome to image optometry – Optometrist Vancouver, BC Trusts  – This headline is clearly all wrong. It doesn’t even make sense. I would try something with optometrist like  “Vancouver’s top eye clinic and optometrist”.

Welcome to restaurant Rube – It’s okay to use your name in the headline if you’re a restaurant but maybe try putting in what you specialize in. They have a killer BBQ menu so I would try “Try Rube restaurant for Quebec’s best BBQ”.

Our Clinic – This headline is for another optometrist. They really need to change this because all doctors have clinics. They can try something like “See Our Optometrist Clinic” or even better try “Local Surrey Optometrist Clinic”.

Welcome – Racher Interior Design clearly is a website that specializes in making your home look cool. Obviously they need a better headline. Maybe try something like “make your home beautiful with our interior design experts”.

So… What should your headline really be about?

Well, you need to be clear about what it is you’re trying to say. It’s okay if your headline is long. If you really want to get clever, try showing the real value of your business in your headline. Try testing it with people that don’t know you or your business. Ask them if they understand what it is you’re trying to say on each page and if they get it, you’ve done your job.

I know you get it

Puya Turkiyan – SEO & Online Marketing Expert

is a well-established online marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. He has primarily focused on how revenue can be increased through better visibility on search engines. His true passion is to use analytical data for digital acquisition. Follow him on Twitter @PuyaTurkiyan