WordPress SEO by Yoast Overview

All In One SEO Solution For WordPress

There are a lot of SEO plugins for WordPress but my all time favorite will have to be Yoast. I’ve tried a lot of plugins and this stuff takes a lot of researching. Yoast outperforms them all by far. They’ve evolved with WordPress and now have an amazing free tool for everyone to use. I guess you can say whatever on site SEO option you need in a website Yoast has you covered. You can edit:

  • Titles & Meta tags
  • Adding Google and Bing Webmaster tool verification codes
  • Social media option
  • XML sitemap creation
  • Permalink editing
  • Internal linking
  • RSS
  • Importing and exporting other SEO plugin data
  • .htaccess editing

The first thing to do would be to install and activate the plugin. From there, click on “Dashboard” and enter your Google and Bing Webmaster tool codes near the bottom. You can start a tour as well, which helps trust me.

Next you have the “Titles & Metas” section to play with. This section is a little more advanced and will take you more time to fool around with. First thing to test is if you have to check the box for “Force rewrite titles”. In most cases you don’t have too. But if you see none of your edits are actually happening in code, then you might have to check this box. You can get as detail as you want for titles and metas. You won’t have to go elsewhere for that.

Editing title and meta tags in yoast

My next suggestion to check often is your “XML Sitemap”. This section is a very easy one pager. Check the image below to see how I have my XML sitemap set up with Yoast. You can exclude post types and taxonomies in Yoast as well.

Yoast XML sitemap setup

WordPress SEO by Yoast is very powerful. If you check your pages and posts you should be able to see a brand new section to edit that page or posts SEO. You can do everything from adding your title and Meta tags to advance SEO like telling robots not to crawl that page. You can even use 301 redirects directly from the editing page.

You can use other plugins with Yoast as well. I know they have some extensions. I am not sure if they wrote it or other people contributed. The beauty of open source software never stops to amaze me. Another plugin that I use in conjunction is “Redirection” for 301 redirects. This plugin is strictly for redirects and doesn’t interfere with Yoast.

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