You’re The Only One To Blame When Your Website Doesn’t Convert

“You have a conversion problem not a traffic problem”

Most companies aren’t satisfied when it comes to their conversion rates and they’re partially to blame for this disappointment and frustration. And the companies that are happy did an average of 40% more test than those companies who were dissatisfied – according to Econsultancy.


Conversion rate is the way of measuring your power to influence targeted traffic to the actions you are looking for them to take. It’s a representation of your efficiency and customer satisfaction. To make sure you accomplish your goals, site visitors must first complete theirs.


Everyone wants traffic but they aren’t willing to create more test campaigns to achieve the results that come along with capturing that audience.


Some reasons you might be hesitant


1. You think you’ll complicate things by conducting more tests

2. You think its time consuming and can’t wait for the test to reach its potential

3. You think it costs too much to implement


Think about it this way


If you have a landing page + PPC campaign and you’re converting rate is stuck at 10%, however much you spend to get more traffic you’ll still end up with 10% conversion rate because you did nothing to test for a better result.


You think you hit the jackpot and you might say…10%! That’s higher than most guys’ chances at the bar!!


Now imagine if you added a small budget for conversion optimization your rate at the beginning of your campaign, and your conversion rates increased to 14% and in return increased your total sales (or whatever your intentions are from the traffic).

You might even only want to do this once but now you have a 14% conversion rate without having to re-spend any more of you budget for conversion optimization in the future.


Would you like 10% chances to get that phone number from the cute girl at the bar or 14%? I thought so! And let’s say it was all because an expert told you that Cologne B would test better than Cologne A, after he/she gathers the data of your best attempts of course.


Get Excited


Most likely you have competitors and you know which ones are ahead of you. Don’t you want to beat them?<?p>


Just a few points to keep in mind:

–       You have 0-8 seconds to get the users attention

–       Product videos increase the potential of a purchase by 144%

–       It doesn’t have to be short and sweet (referring to the landing page)

–       Don’t forget your value preposition

–       The more tests in your campaign, the higher chance of success


If you can keep this persuasion process in mind, you’ll be ahead of most of your competition:


1. Who am I trying to persuade.

2. What action do I want them to take?

3. What action do they want to take?

The hard work will pay offs!

Puya Turkiyan – SEO & Online Marketing Expert

is a well-established online marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. He has primarily focused on how revenue can be increased through better visibility on search engines. His true passion is to use analytical data for digital acquisition. Follow him on Twitter @PuyaTurkiyan

  • Lawrence

    If folks just bothered to find out some fundamental marketing and psychological science then online marketing and seo
    would probably be a lot easier and they could honestly save money
    by possibly doing it on their own or looking for a educated but
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  • puya turkiyan

    Well, you’re absolutely right. However, most people spend so much time on their own business that the time they spend on their online marketing either lacks in quality or it’s outright horrible. This is why they get their friends, sons or daughters to fill in the void and turn the online marketing campaign into a joke.